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Welcome to jankensuru, a community providing subs from the TV for VS Arashi episodes as well as original releases.

To distinguish these, we use two tags - "! not our subs" and "✊ subbed by the comm". Anything the community has subbed also has 『rock』 in the title. Anything with entirely yellow subtitles is not done by us. We don't want to take credit for their work, we simply upload these.

To gain membership, you need to comment on this post with the following:

  1. Acknowledge that you understand the difference between jankensuru subbed files and non-jankensuru subbed files.

  2. State that you will not stream or sell these videos, or share the links publicly. Just saying 'I'll obey your rules' is not enough, please be specific.

  3. An answer to the question: Which song would you like to see another concert performance of?

※ Please use a livejournal account

The comments are screened, so if you don't click join, I will not comment to remind you to. Please just click it to start with!
If you are rejected, I generally give a reason and it should be emailed to you (by livejournal) with the notice of rejection.

[Reasons you may not have been accepted to the community...]REASONS YOU MAY NOT HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED...
Applications are usually processed within two weeks, if you find that you haven't been accepted by then, please check that your comment fulfilled all conditions of this post and have clicked join. :)
P.S I generally go through the most recent comments then match them up with the applications, sometimes there are a few applications that I can't see comments for so I reject them. Sorry if you actually did leave one.
P.P.S If you get rejected, it's not because I hate you or something - as in, you can always try again. ^^ (Unless you're a rulebreaker or a complete jerk and I block you)


Aiba Manabu
2013.12.22 Making the ultimate karaage

Arashi ni Shiyagare
2012.02.11 Iseya Yusuke
2014.01.01 New Year Special
2015.04.11 This is MJ Cut
2015.09.19 Satoh Takeru, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Ishihara Satomi
2015.11.28 Koyuki, Harisenbon
2016.04.16 Oizumi Yo
2016.06.04 Koike Eiko
2016.07.23 Sakana-kun

Arashi no Asu ni Kakeru Tabi
2013.12.23 Ohno in Kitasanriku

V6 20th Anniversary Clips

2015.02.20 PazuDora 4th Anniversary Making

2014.11.27 Guruguru Ninety-nine Aiba/Eikura Nana
2015.05.10 Aiba on Sakigake! Music Hour
2016.04.15 Matsumoto on Pittanko KanKan
2016.09.09 Arashi on Music Love

Gutto! Sports
2016.09.06 Fujisawa Kiyoshi (Wheelchair Basketball)

Himitsu no Arashi-chan
2012.08.30 Ayase Haruka
2012.10.11 2hr SP - Sanma-san, Olympic medallists

Music Shows
2014.07.12 Happiness Run
2015.10.23 Music Station Mini Station
2015.12.31 Johnny's Countdown 2015-2016
2016.02.26 Music Station Fukkatsu LOVE performance

News Zero
2016.04.25 Ichimen

2015.03.22 Chotto Mukashi Banashi
2015.03.29 " " pt 2
2015.06.14 Ninoko-san
2015.06.21 " " pt 2
2015.09.13 Ninomiya Surname Park
2015.09.20 " " pt 2
2015.12.13 Charlatan Theatre
2015.12.20 " " pt 2
2016.04.12 Ninosan Awards 2016
2016.06.26 6-second performances
2016.07.03 " " pt 2
2016.10.09 Nino-themed Creations
2016.10.16 " " pt 2

2015.10.11 Mirai e Todoke! Arashi to Kokosei-tachi no Utagoe
2016.01.03 Korekatsu Arashi

September 2014 Arashi Blast in JAL
May 2015 Ura Ara Talk 2015

VS Arashi
2010.10.14 Honma Dekka/Perfect Report 2hr SP
2013.02.14 Takarazuka OG
2013.09.05 Gatchaman
2013.12.12 Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru
2014.01.03 New Year's SP
2015.04.30 MMDA 2014
2015.05.07 Takarazuka OG
2015.05.28 YamaDai Golden Bomber
2015.07.02 Baba Nuki Segment
2015.08.13 Saitama
2015.11.12 International
2016.01.03 New Year's SP
2016.02.04 Yoshimoto Performers
2016.02.25 Takarazuka OG
2016.04.07 Team Genki
2016.04.21 Team Fukuoka
2016.05.26 Koudaike no Hitobito
2016.06.16 Team Chiba
2016.08.04 Himitsu
2016.09.15 Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
2016.10.20 Kin Medal Otoko

Wide Shows etc.
2014.07.07 Zip - Sakurai The Music Day
2015.01.01 Zip - TOKIO & Arashi de Amiida
2015.09.15 Nino on Bibitto

Zero Culture Spin Off
2015.07.31 Sakurai x Ohno x Kato

Welcome to jankensuru!

Titled as an ode to the group who uses janken to decide anything and everything including their beloved leader, this is a community committed to providing subbed Arashi files and sharing the Arashi love! To join, head on over to the membership post. :)


Welcome to jankensuru!

If you aren't already a member and wish to be, please head on to the membership post linked below.

Enjoy your stay!
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