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Joining ☆★☆ Jankensuru

Welcome to jankensuru, another Arashi subbing community with both our own and subs aired on TV.

We don't want to take credit for the TV subs, we simply upload them, so to distinguish between the two, we use two tags - "! not our subs" and "✊ subbed by the comm". Anything the community has subbed also has 『rock』 in the title and anything with entirely yellow subtitles is not done by us.

Please join using a livejournal account.

For those who can't be bothered to read this post, here's a handy video with all the information you need.

Or you can also read the rules under the cut.

[Rules in text form]To gain membership, you need to comment on this post with the following:

  1. Acknowledge that you understand the difference between jankensuru subbed files and non-jankensuru subbed files.

  2. State that you will not stream or sell these videos, or share the links publicly. Just saying 'I'll obey your rules' is not enough, please be specific.

  3. An answer to the question: What's your favourite Arashi performance?

The comments are screened, so if you don't click join, I will not comment to remind you to. Please just click it to start with!
If you are rejected, I generally give a reason and it should be emailed to you (by livejournal) with the notice of rejection.

[Reasons you may not have been accepted...]REASONS YOU MAY NOT HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED...
If you haven't gotten an acception or rejection email, please just wait. We simply haven't gotten to processing the applications yet.

If you get rejected, you can always try again. ^^ (Unless you're a rulebreaker or a complete jerk and I block you)
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